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Professor:Lulat, Y.G
Time:Spring 2014
Uploaded by:soccerman245

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Professor Lulat assigns a ridiculous amount of reading and video viewing. My last test had 196 questions on it. I have not even finished the semester in this class, and though I am doing well, it has drained me and made me fall behind in other classes. I am currently taking 15 credits, this class would be manageable if I was taking at most 12. I do not recommend taking this class if you want an easy A, or if you aren't that interested in history, or if you are taking more than 12 credits. Seriously consider what I have just said, as I did not give enough credit to people who warned me about this professor. He is passionate about what he does, but in many ways he is biased, arrogant, and projects a supercilious attitude onto his students. You have been warned.