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Professor:Williams, Lillian
Time:Fall 2014
Uploaded by:alyraimon

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Excellent sources and materials. However, syllabus is poorly organized. Required book list at start of syllabus does not include SEVERAL texts that are required later. Professor failed to reserve many materials that she said were on reserve. She failed to realize UB's library does not own at least one of her sources that she insisted it did. She also refuses to answer emails or to use technology--must hand in final paper in person during finals week! She refused to accept papers via email. She also carried over the content of one week for three weeks total, which severely put the class behind. Also, some bibliographic information is missing for a required source which made it impossible to locate. She also failed to include an entire assignment--an oral presentation on either several articles or an entire book for one week--on the syllabus and informed students of this assignment the first day of class. So, we do not even know how that will be assessed as it is not included in the grade breakdown. Content is a 10/10, Organization and Professor Communication and Teaching is a 1/10.